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Functional Resume

Once you’ve written your functional resume and submitted it to a potential employer you may be invited for an interview that will be a deciding point in your future employment. Here you can find some advice on how to win your job interview.
After you’ve been invited, research everything you can about the company. Visit their site and see what they specialize in and what their requirements towards co-workers are. Try to formulate, what is that you can offer to the company, in what field you can be useful to it.
Think over your appearance. Though we know that appearances are deceitful, one should dress and look properly. Formal style should be a model to follow. No short skirts and rich make-up for women, unless the job requires; no jeans and snickers for men, again depends on the job.
Have everything necessary with you. It can be a copy of your functional resume, or another reference you want to show, or a certificate of completion of any training you consider to be helpful in your future career or even a sample of your work, for example in writing business.
Rehearse your job interview. Try to imagine every question that can possibly be asked by your future employer. Then ask someone to question you and take it seriously. After the imagined interview discuss what could be wrong and try to avoid it in reality.
Satisfy the interest of the company. The staff manager will not be interested in what you have accomplished, but how these accomplishments can help their company. No wonder that people searching for a job are summarized under a “job market”, for here you sell your skills and abilities in order t get income.
And the last point. Never get depressed if you fail your job interview. It is not the last company that is going to ask you to come to a job interview. Keep your face and never show disappointment; there will be an employer that will appreciate your skills and experience. Be optimistic and try to find positive even in this. Maybe your qualification was not high enough? This is a chance for you to visit some additional training or a course or seminars to enrich your knowledge. Start below your qualification and work your way to the top. This is the best variant, for as soon as you get to the top, you’ll know every single thing about the company and its specialization.
If you consider all the points above, you will most definitely be hired. Just don’t forget: demeanor is also very important. It’s good that you have presented yourself nicely in written form. Interview is a chance to prove your qualification orally. Your manners here are the key to success on your interview.