How to Write a 3000 word essay

Tips on How to Write a 3000 word essay

Writing a big essay is a really complicated task to many people, especially those who have had little practice in writing or haven’t done anything like that before. Usually, such kind of essay comprises approximately ten typed double-spaced pages. Do not be afraid of such a huge number of words, since this proves to be an attainable task both to students and experienced workers. The most important thing for you is to focus on the assignments, brainstorm the key ideas, find proper time and just concentrate on writing.

Step-by-step Plan on How to Write a 3000 Words Essay:

Step 1

Before writing my essay help, make sure that the topic that you’ve selected is well-known to you. You should have ample knowledge of it, since, in such a way, it will be much easier for you to write. Although this may seem a natural step when writing, many writers tend to choose simply any subject they find interesting even if they are not well aware of it. They may reflect on some important ideas in five or six paragraphs, but after that they are lost in the ideas and cannot complete the essay. It is necessary for a writer to choose a topic that he/she is knowledgeable about and is comfortable with.

Step 2

 How to Write a 3000 word essay and is comfortable withGather the most important ideas and compose a draft. This is the initial step of writing a good paper, which can be the most time-consuming, though. This stage requires conducting much research, taking notes, making a plan or devising an outline, and, finally, composing the first draft. You can organize your ideas in any way that is effective and suitable for you. Graphically organizing the ideas is considered to be one of the most efficient methods. Before writing college papers, you must have a general understanding which information you need to use in the essay and in what sequence it will be presented.

Step 3

When composing your first draft, do not concentrate merely on perfect punctuation and spelling. You will still have time to proofread the draft and make the necessary improvements. Just try to write down all ideas on paper and do not focus on editing them. It is a big mistake when writers focus on each collocation or word and, at the same time, lose the ideas they want to present in the paper. When writers do so, they get frustrated really quickly and their creativity is often suppressed. Make sure that you fix grammar and vocabulary on the editing stage. When writing the first draft, just focus on writing and expressing your ideas.

Step 4

Writing an essay requires that you proofread your first draft. Pay attention to fluency and organization of your writing. Make sure that you use proper transitions and that your ideas are coherently and smoothly expressed. Make sure that your aim is not to reach the required number of pages but to provide a coherent essay.

Step 5

College essay should contain vivid details. Thus, you should use your imagination and creativity to provide a proper description. As soon as you have proofread your paper in regard with the structure and paragraph organization, as well as the style of writing, start adding descriptive adjectives and sophisticated verbs and collocations to the essay. In such a way you will make your essay longer and, at the same time, more vivid. Add as much as it is possible. After that, take a pause and proofread your paper for the second time.

Step 6

In the process of essay preparation, count the number of words you have written to determine the next step you take. If you still need haven’t reached the minimum word count limit, you need to add some more information. Check if you can add some details, information, facts, etc. If you still lack many words to add, it is advisable to take a break, rest for a while, and then return to the process of writing once more. Return to the prewriting stage and try to search for some other sources, from where you can take information. After that, return once more to the third stage.