Our interview guarantee

Our interview guarantee is as simple as this: if you get no invitations for the interview within thirty business days after receiving your resume – we will review it at no additional charge. All you have to do is to send us an email with your order number and we will deliver you a new revised version of your resume.

Last year we had only two clients who requested a revision. This year, we have none so far.

We guarantee your satisfaction

Ordering your resume online you have the ease and convenience, you cannot hope for offline. It is all due to Internet and email. You will get your brand new resume in four formats within the deadline you’ve chosen. If you want to change something about your resume, or add something you forgot to include, or just you do not like something about your resume, there are two options for you to choose from:

    1. Email your resume to the writer and inform him/her about your concerns. The writer will be able to rewrite your resume within a few hours.

Once you get your high impact resume from us, you will be able to make any slight changes to it as you have new career goals.

We’re not done until you are 100% satisfied

At ResumesExperts.com you have direct contact with your writer to assure that you attain the best results. We do not just write you a quality resume. We want you to make the most of a wide range of services we offer. Our professional advice on job search will facilitate the overall process and let you stay optimistic. Besides we give you a list of top ten job search sites where your resume will be noticed by your potential employers.
Our support is always here to help you.

Our customer care centre is here to resolve any of the problems you may have 24/7/365 either on the phone or via our instant messaging system. You can contact your writer within a week after the completion of your order to discuss any detail of your new job document to guarantee your absolute satisfaction.
We provide the guarantee only for RESUME WRITING SERVICES. We don’t make any rewrites before thirty days expire. Any contact from the potential recruiter or an employer, HR agency is regarded as an invitation for the interview. The contact can be either by phone, via email or personal correspondence. The guarantee does not extend to more than two re-writes.