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Resume and Portfolio

All efforts are sooner or later awarded. You have been invited to a job interview, passed it successfully and made a good impression. What if the other candidate passed the interview with same success you did? You may have the same skill and same abilities, even experience can be similar and the authority is lost between the two candidates. Here is where you can use a portfolio. For starters, resume and portfolio combined is almost a 100% success guarantee.
First of all, let’s find out a difference. Resume is brief information about you and your overall skills, abilities, education and experience. A portfolio is a wide and vivid description of your abilities supplemented by samples of your work. To make it easier to explain an attribution between the two let’s say that resume is brief theory and a portfolio is wide practice. A portfolio also has a structure thought it is not that strictly defined as in a resume but a chaotic presentation will not make an impression better.
To create a portfolio, you may use a folder and a couple of sheet protectors that will be duly filled with necessary information. The first “chapter” of your portfolio should include your resume and references along with some written characteristics if you have any. Next, you present your works and projects in a brief but informative way and in chronological order. You may use any information needed to present your achievements. Extracts of your projects along with pictures from the presentation will do. If you have references on your projects be sure to include them also.
Be sure that the volume of your portfolio is not too big and provides necessary information on how well you cope with tasks given. You may include PowerPoint presentations and any tapings you like, but do not make it too much for the examiner to explore. It has to be well built example of what you are capable of to present to your potential employer.
If you have been researching the field of work you apply for, be sure to include some of the ideas and sketches you have in connection with the increase of income or productivity or any other matter.
Portfolio is a formal sort of document, so you have to adhere to all the formal requirements starting from the volume of information and the way you present it and finishing with font size and arrangement of portfolio. Your portfolio is associated with your business face and you have to make it corresponding to the standard. Both resume and portfolio are two steps on your way to succeed and to do it one has to be very careful and attentive with what to include.