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Resume Reference

Successful completion of resume depends on many points that should be mentioned and highlighted. After you have thought over everything worth mentioning in your CV and composed a nice resume along with the cover letter you still need to have one little but important point to be completed.
A resume reference may tell your potential employer about you more than a resume and a cover letter together. “Tel me who is your friend and I’ll tell you who you are,” says the saying, and it can be applied even here, in the world of business. Your references give more information about the skills you possess than you do in your resume. Therefore one has to be very attentive, making references.
Choose carefully. During your work experience you may have had to work with different people both professionals and losers that tried to drag you down the career ladder. Choose references that can tell about the most successful periods of your career and characterize you in the best way. Your friends, relatives and accident acquaintances are not good candidates for a reference for they know you only as a person who is more or less closely related and characterize your personal features, having no idea about your professionalism and great potential.
Ask for permission. You may really want to include one or the other person or a company but it is improper to use them in a resume reference without permission. Besides a person should be aware that he or she may be contacted and asked some questions and express an opinion. Before including someone on a reference list you should contact your future reference and ask for permission. If the answer is positive, you may be sure that if this person was contacted, he or she left your future employer with good impression. If everything works out for you, do not forget to call and thank for help and nice characteristics.
Provide details on your reference. Your potential employer should know in what way the reference is related to you. Be sure to mention all the necessary information to locate your reference and that means position, company name, contact phone and address. Do not forget that you provide this information for business purpose so it is not proper to mention home address or phone number. You also have to check if information is correct and no changes were made.
Choose quality over quantity. Your work experience may be rather rich and on your way to the top you may have gained a lot of useful acquaintances. It is better to mention only a couple of people but those who know not only your recent but also past achievements and have respectable reputation themselves. Five-six references to necessary people may decide your fate and get you employed.