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Teacher resume

Be sure to have a great number of key words in your resume, e.g. specific educational terms.
Structure of a teacher resume (can be used in applying for other jobs with slight variations)

  1. Identification
    • Home address
    • College address (include zip code and phone number)


  2. Professional Objective.
    State what position you are seeking. You may use “prefer” to suggest many options to choose from. But don’t be too general.
  3. Career Profile (Career experience).
    Sum up your pertinent work experience and expertise, starting from the most recent position. Mention your key responsibilities, but don’t pile up your resume with their mere listing. Emphasize your accomplishments and useful skills. (E.g. improved pupils spelling skills at grade level by 40%, introducing an individually–oriented set of spelling exercises.). Highlight Honors and Certifications you have acquired.
  4. Educational background
    • Name of the establishment attended
    • Location (town, state)
    • Degree and when received
    • Areas of concentration (if you took courses which highlight your abilities, add them);
    • Other achievements (grants, excellence awards)


  5. Include the following points in the order of their significance. (public speaking, extra curricular activities, publications, PC skills, Languages)
  6. Interests. Show that you are a well-developed personality.
  7. Credentials or References
    • Provided upon request