Many Types of Resume are at Our Resume Writing Service

Types of resume

Creating a resume is a specific and responsible task. Your future career success depends on it.
There are many types of resumes, each meant for a specific goal. has been successful in supplying our clients with all the types of resumes for every position from a babysitter to CEO. Our certified resume writers have a vast experience in writing federal, professional, executive, sales, teacher resumes, etc. Our aim is to meet your individual needs and get you for the desired interview.
Our company wants you to make the most of your career. Our resume/CV writing services helps you to attain the highest results.
Here we want to give you a brief overview of the most common resume types.
First, define your priorities in the job search, then choose the most appropriate format of resume for yourself.
Chronological resume.
This format is recommended for graduates and students. It demonstrates your career progress. Choose this resume format if your most valuable work experience is connected with your recent job.
Functional resume.
If you reā€“enter job market after a long time off, or if your work experience has little to do with the target position, write your resume in the functional format. We advise to use this format for highly-experienced career changers. Emphasize your relevant accomplishments, pertinent skills that will be interesting to your future employer.
Combination resume.
Consider what skills and experience are necessary for your new position, highlight your individual skills and give a summary of your experience in the chronological order.